All kinds of services

For shareholders and customers

Mobtakeran Tosee and Tejarat Shenasa was founded with the goal of introducing supply of car spare parts to clarify market and supports from authentic vendors and final consumers. Our company has different kinds of services delivery to shareholders and customers directly and indirectly.

Direct Service

Direct Service

1.Selling Holograms

Shenasa’s hologram is attached for confirming authenticity and quality of goods and spare parts . Shenasa has 161 real and legal shareholders. Shenasa’s holograms have been attached on more than 150 famous and authentic companies’ products. Vendors include car spare parts and industry machinery merchants and producers that can gain Shenasa’s hologram under the surveillance of competent authorities. So their goods will be more valid and authentic than before by Shenasa’s hologram. When final consumers purchase a device, they can scratch the gray hologram and send the code to 100090 or with QR code can receive an SMS which includes product technical information, the manufacturing country or the owning country brand. Hence, using QR code can help consumers recognize the purchased spare part better and displays some information about picture, performance, sign of the given device failure.

Shenasa’s Confirming Authenticity Hologram Types

Direct Service

2.Selling Shanasa’s Code

Shenasa Company can support from those producers and importers who have Shenasa’s special hologram in a proper condition.

Direct Service

3.Shenasa’s E-market

Shenasa’s company creates e-market to provide services to heavy, light and semi heavy car spare parts vendors and consuners. The authentic vendors can expose their goods as a whole sale or a retail. So, final consumers’ mechanics and retailers can see the products in e-market directly if they want to purchase them.

Direct Service

4.Device Guarantee

According to article 13 of anti-smuggling goods and currency acts law for car spare parts union and machinery from all over the country, Shenasa company is one of the valid guarantee companies in comprehensive guarantee system. Our company guarantees authentic and high-quality spare parts.
Direct Service

5.SMS Inquiry

As Shenasa company has a customers’ club (final consumers of spare parts), we can receive our customers point of views directly by having a survey.


Indirect Service

Indirect Service

1.Insurance Services

such as supplemental insurance, life insurance etc. Mobtakeran Tosee and Tejarat Shenasa company has a contract with Asmari insurance company now and provide insurance services to its shareholders and customers. In addition, our company provides other insurance services by insurance agents.

Indirect Service

2.Legal Counseling

Shenasa company provides free legal counseling to its shareholders and customers ; Dear applicants can send their request with one of these ways below:

1) Phone counseling on odd days 16-20, Contact with 021-33988680 Ms. Nateghi.

2) A 30-minute face to face counseling with an appointment in advance, Contact with Shenasa’s office 021-33979008.

3) Online counseling by filling out the related form.

We should mention that legal counseling is just for special issues not for any petition and complaints.

Indirect Service

3.Educational Services

Shenasa company holds training courses about issues of car spare parts union to make more awareness in this field. Using this service is completely free and accessible for members of union.

Indirect Service

4.Site Advertisement

Car spare parts and machinery vendors can advertise their products either on Shenasa’s web site or social media.