About Shenasa development and trade

Confirmation of authenticity, quality assurance

 Mobtakeran Tosee and Tejarat Shenasa company was founded in 1390 by cooperation and contribution of car spare parts industry activist with the goal of introducing supply of car spare parts to clarify market and supports from authentic vendors and final consumers. Also Shenasa has started its fundamental researches since 1393 so we have started our activity by attaching holograms on authentic and high quality good in 1394.For this purpose we have done so many tasks after adequate survey about designing Shenasa’s hologram for introducing authentic goods. Shenasa’s hologram is attached on more than 130 famous and authentic brands.


 Shenasa company supports from authentic businesses by creating dynamic organization, employing creative human resources and up to date technology. We are a pioneer company in providing services to beneficiaries and activists in this filed by creating clarity in car spare parts market and decreasing gray market effect as a national reference for introducing high quality and original Iranian and foreign spare parts.


Mobtakeran Tosee and Tejarat Shenasa was founded with the goal of introducing supply of car spare parts to clarify market and supports from authentic vendors and final consumers. Our aim is to introduce authentic and high quality products by utilizing from useful experiences and expert credits in this industry and improve country transport fleet, rectifying distribution systems and maintaining its dignity by improving business atmosphere.

Principles and Values

Shenasa company was founded (in 1388) by car spare parts national union recommendation, spiritual cares from car automobile related union and financial support of 10 great people. With the purpose of making market more secure and supporting from consumers without increasing the prices , by introducing original guaranteed and high quality spare parts. Fortunately, more than 10000000 domestic imported products have been confirmed and received Shenasa’s holograms that have legal authenticity and quality identity up to now. Shenasa has made all its effort to make publicity of attaching the holograms on important goods. It can be a really tough task since will compromise the income of corrupted businesses so there might be so may resistances on this path but God promises that will assist people who do good and surely according to the received inquiries and more than 10000 satisfactions of our compatriots proves our efforts

Strategic Aims

Shenasa Team

رئیس هیئت مدیره

Mr. Mahmoud Asadzadeh

Chairman of the board

Mr. Taghi Soudbar

Vice chairman

مدیر عامل

Mr. Seyed Kamalodin Seyed Reyhani


عضو هیئت مدیر

Mr. Ahmad Afati

Member of the board

عضو هیئت مدیره

Mr. Hassan Sadeh

Member of the board

Mr. Alireza Nik Ayin

Member of the board

Mr. Mohammadreza Malaki

Member of the board

Mr. Hassan Mirakhor

Member of the board

بازرس شرکت

Mr. Seyed Majid Sadat Khansari

Company Inspector

مشاور حقوقی

Mina Nateghi

Legal advisor

مدیر مالی

Elham Mohammadi

Financial Mnager

مسئول امور فنی

Shahram Asadpour

Technical Manager
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Maryam Najafi

Order and Accounting
021-33979008 ext(3)


Order and Accounting
021-33979008 ext(2)

اداری و امور قراردادها

Mohadeseh Nikfar

Office work and Contracts
021-33979008 ext(1)

mohammadreza miry

Mohammadreza miry


Masoud Shahbazi


Shenasa’s written understanding
with car spare parts union

Shenasa’s written understanding
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